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Location: Maryland

Area: 100 sq.ft.

Project Description:

You would like to integrate into flipping house business since it has become a common thing these days, and we are here to provide you with the concrete examples how to flip a house getting a satisfactory result. Pay your attention to these “before and after” pictures!

The house which was chosen for flipping is a specimen of a usual self-upgraded building that became pretty old and dated. So, first and foremost, we devoted ourselves to repairing all the cracks in the walls and, subsequently, leveling. Original colors of the walls – pale yellow, apricot orange and international orange – hardly matched the rooms and the floor and combined with one another only creating such a chaotic union. Thus, we set ourselves a goal to make them look appealing and compatible without the pretentious overtone. Cozy, stylish walls – all of these to help you settle down here with ease.

As an average house this one has several bathrooms which we could not turn a blind eye to. First of all, we adjusted heat insulating material on the walls where it was needed and waterproofing panels so that the bathing time will be absolutely comfortable and restful due to accurate warmth. The waterproofing panels together with the floor drains are to prevent the bathrooms from following damages. We focused on details and used different shapes of the floor drains to make every design fitting only one bathroom. In a similar vein, we installed tile on the shower floors in various ways. To expand space in one bathroom, we put sandy-colored tile diagonally. For the sake of contrast, our aim was to show the originality of mosaic tile in various brown shades. Another bathroom is designed in royal brown color. As a decorative element we used more mosaic tile drawing a border between different methods of tile installation what makes it outstanding.

Moreover, we took care of the deck. Due to constant natural damages it deserves special attention. Our aim was to reduce mold and mildew on the boards and refinish them, refresh their color and look in general to be sure that it will endure over time. We were also taken to ensure that the deck fits as a definite part of the house rather than an obvious extension.

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