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Commercial steam showers create some of the most demanding environments for superior waterproofing measures due to their extreme conditions.

Luxurious and therapeutic, with a dose of daily relaxation, residential steam showers allow you to indulge in spa-like retreats within the comfort of your own home. For this luxury to last, it is important that the tile installation is well-protected against moisture.

Commercial steam showers are often found in health clubs, hotels, and spas, and offer a relaxing, therapeutic escape.
Commercial steam showers create some of the most demanding environments for superior waterproofing measures due to their extreme conditions: They generally cover more area, receive higher volumes of water, and are in virtually continuous use, compared to residential steam showers which are typically only used intermittently. These conditions mean commercial steam showers have less time to dry out between uses so the moisture management system must perform exceptionally well.
When not designed properly, commercial steam showers can allow for mold growth in wall cavities, for wood framing to rot, and for damage to occur in moisture-sensitive wall coverings on the opposite side of stud cavities. The KERDI-DS waterproofing membrane is specifically designed to manage both water and vapor in extreme conditions, making it the ideal solution for commercial steam showers. Check out the application below to learn more about KERDI-DS, and the other related KERDI components. 

Commercial Steam Shower with KERDI-DS 

Commercial Steam Shower with KERDI-DS

1. KERDI Waterproofing Membrane

KERDI Waterproofing Membrane

The KERDI-DS waterproofing membrane is intended for use in commercial steam showers and should be applied to walls, ceiling, and floor surfaces to prevent moisture penetration.
KERDI-DS is 20-mil thick, over twice as thick as regular KERDI at 8-mil thick, and features additives to produce a water vapor permeance of 0.18 perms when tested according to ASTM E96, using procedure E at 90% relative humidity. This makes KERDI-DS the ideal bonded waterproofing membrane and vapor retarder for continuous-use steam rooms and other extreme applications with similarly high vapor levels.



KERDI-BAND is a waterproofing strip used to seal all KERDI seams, and floor-wall transitions. KERDI-BAND is only 4 one-thousands of an inch (4 mil) -thick, half the thickness of KERDI to limit buildup and ensure a smooth surface for tile installation.

3. Waterproofing corners

Waterproofing corners

KERDI-KERECK-F are preformed, seamless corners made of KERDI for waterproofing inside and outside corners. Corners tend to be challenging areas to waterproof, so these greatly simplify installation.

4. Pipe and mixing valve seals

Pipe and mixing valve seals

Any protrusions through the KERDI membrane (e.g., showerhead, mixing valve, steam inlet, etc.) must be treated with KERDI-SEAL-PS/-MV seals to protect moisture sensitive building materials behind the tile. As an alternative, KERDI-FIX, or suitable sealant, may also be used.

5. KERDI-LINE Linear Drain

KERDI-LINE Linear Drain

KERDI-DRAIN is a floor drain specifically designed to allow connections to KERDI and KERDI-DS bonded waterproofing membranes. In this commercial steam room application, KERDI-DS is adhered to the large integrated bonding flange to form a waterproof connection at the top of the drain assembly. The standard KERDI-DRAIN is attached directly to the waste line. The drain casing is available in ABS, PVC, or stainless steel.
Drain grates are available in stainless steel with a polished or oil-rubbed bronze finish and in anodized aluminum with a brushed copper bronze, brushed brass, or brushed nickel finish. The polished stainless steel grates are available in 4" (100 mm) -square, 6" (150 mm) -square and -round versions. There is also a tileable grate option available, which features KERDI laminated on the surface to allow for bonding of ceramic or stone tile to create a virtually invisible drainage line.

Drain Alternative:

The elegant KERDI-LINE linear drain.



The KERDI-SHOWER-SC shower curb featured here is one element of the full line of prefabricated substrates available that are made of lightweight, expanded polystyrene foam, and can be used in conjunction with the KERDI or KERDI-DS waterproofing membrane. You can cut the shower curb to size, or combine multiple curbs together for larger commercial steam showers.

The KERDI-BOARD-SC, a shower curb made entirely of KERDI-BOARD, is also available to integrate with the Schluter®-Shower System. KERDI-BOARD-SC is waterproof, easy to install, and ready for tile, making it a simple solution for tiled shower curbs.


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