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Deck And Patio Remodel

Patios can provide a place for you and your family to relax and enjoy your yard.

The hard surface is perfect for setting up furniture and keeps you off the grass and away from pests. Patios can also add to the beauty of your backyard with intricate stonework, dazzling colors, and intriguing patterns.

AmeriPro Remodeling can expertly design and build a variety of patio and hardscape projects, keeping in mind the enhancement of both your home’s appearance and your enjoyment of your property. 

Brick Paver Patios

Brick patios are a popular choice and come in a large variety of designs. Benefits of brick patios include:

  • Appearance. Bricks have been used as a building material for centuries. So when you see a patio made of brick, it conjures up a classical feel. It is also associated with warmness and is great for making a positive impression on guests.
  • Creativity. Bricks are more versatile when it comes to design and can be used in a number of different patterns. Whether it is rectangular, square, or circular, bricks can accommodate a design well.
  • Durability. The hardness of brick allows it to withstand constant traffic and harsh weather. In addition, it will retain its color longer even in the face of extreme sunlight conditions.
  • Easy to Repair.  Brick patios are simple to repair. Just remove a cracked brick and replace it with a new one.

Stone Paver Patios

Stone is another choice that offers a different look than a brick patio. Benefits of stone patios include:

  • Beauty. Stone patios have a unique, more sophisticated appearance.
  • Longevity. Stone is one of the hardest, long-lasting materials around. It also can hold up to more wear and tear than other materials like wood.
  • Low Maintenance. Compared to a wood deck, stone patios require very little maintenance. A simple washing away of dirt is all that is needed.
  • Versatility. Stones can be cut to nearly any shape and made any color you desire. This allows for the creation of a diverse array of patterns and designs.

In addition to patios, we also can build and install other hardscape elements.

Other Hardscape Options

  • Paver Pool Decks. Have a swimming pool but want something nicer surrounding it? A paver pool deck looks better than your typical concrete pool deck.
  • Paver Walls. Build a wall around your patio to provide separation from the rest of your yard.
  • Paver Firepits. There’s nothing better in the fall than sitting around a warm fire. Enhance your firepit or build a new one with pavers.
  • Paver Walkways and Sidewalks. Connect an existing or new patio to other aspects of your landscape with a paver walkway.
  • Outdoor Kitchens. Upgrade from your standalone grill to a gorgeous outdoor kitchen, with our custom design and installation.
  • Paver Seats. You can even make your seats out of pavers to match the rest of your patio.
  • Outdoor Lighting

    Keep your patio glowing all season long for overhead lighting, string lights, outdoor pendants, and more...

Do I Need A Permit To Build A Patio In Maryland?

Before you build your deck, it’s important to familiarize yourself with your local laws and regulations regarding home construction.

Here are some answers to common questions regarding permits and construction in Maryland.

Do I Need a Permit?

It’s fairly typical that a building permit will be required by your state when having major housing additions built.

A great first step in your deck building plans is to check with local regulations to ensure that your dream deck can legally be built on your property. Although there are state regulations, codes will differ from county to county. In Baltimore County, for example, a building permit is required for:

  • Decks greater than 16 inches above the lowest grade
  • Decks that exceed 120 square feet
  • All accessory structures located in a flood zone
  • All accessory structures located in historic districts
  • Enclosing of open porches or decks
  • Change of use of structure
    ….among many others.

How Do I Get a Permit?

Maryland has a Department of Permitting Services that will review your deck plans and designs, conduct inspections and surveys, and are the ones who will ultimately decide whether to approve or deny your deck build.

Most of the time, you can find a building permit application on your county’s official website.

Here are links to building codes of and permit applications for some Maryland counties:

What About My HOA?

In addition to your county and state, your neighborhood’s homeowner’s association will likely have rules of their own.

Your HOA’s rules can override county or state statutes as well, so if you have an HOA, it’s best to start with them and make your way up. In the very early stages of your deck designing phase, schedule to meet with an HOA representative or board member in order to discuss what your deck plans include. If you’re lucky, there won’t be many restrictions, and you will have minimal guidelines to comply with.

Save yourself the hassle and let a professional deck builder handle the building permit for you!

AmeriPro Remodeling is a Maryland deck and patio contractor. We have over 10 years of experience designing and building custom decks, porches, patios, fencing, and more. Contact our professionals today to request a free consultation.

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