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You look to the glittering and promising future and do your best at making it real, but surely you’ve never paid any attention to such an unobviously critical room as bathroom. It’s high time to upgrade it! Read on to learn ideas how to renovate your bathroom and keep up with the times.

1. Minimalism is gaining momentum today, and simplification and minimal design mean more than it used to do. To save place and make a bathroom visually bigger and more aesthetic, you can hide drain-pipes in the walls placing them in ducting or getting them stubbed in specially punched wall-grooves.

(Attaching the pipes, leave the thought of DIY quest, coordinate everything with your local authorities and make sure drain-pipes fit each other).

Hiding Pipes

2. Use lighting not only for making the place bright enough to let you do your make-up and all the morning routine with ease but for pleasing and relaxing atmosphere while bathing and stuff. Replace a standard switch with a dimmer one and lower the brightness of lights to match your mood or intention.

3. Don’t neglect bathroom ventilation. Remodeling requires lots of effort, but if you don’t pay attention to proper ventilation, all the work will be wasted as growth of mold will damage floor and walls in the room. It’s highly recommended to adjust forced ventilation that can be equipped with a timer and would entirely correspond to high-tech style.

4. Make your bathroom smart! The current reality demonstrates that high technology conquer a large place in citizen’s home so you have a great possibility to make your bathroom “smart”. Your toilet would be able open the lid as soon as you cross the threshold of the bathroom and turn the seat heating on, or you could control your bathtub through your smartphone – all for your joy.

light in bathroom

5. Contemporary life includes developing environmentally friendly habits. Fortunately, there are a lot of companies which try to widen a range of eco-friendly products as plumbing fixtures. You can buy an acrylic bathtub that’s considered to be environmentally neutral material, so that it wouldn’t cause soil pollution. As for any citizen this material is besides perfect for being light-weighed, easily transferable and heat-saving.

6. You can further support eco-friendly tendency by buying tiles which are made of recycled materials. That’s an excellent concept to add sparkling tiles in shape of stone with recycled glass and no oxides in various colors so that your bathroom would match you in unique form.

7. Following the idea of minimalism, here is a marvelous idea of building a compact wall closet. Choose a wall closet with reduced single-door width so that it would undoubtedly fit your bathroom. The upside of such a closet is its feature to complete bathroom design. The dark motif will make the room look comfortably minimalistic and hence modern.


Don’t try to do the whole bathroom remodeling on your own if you’re not qualified or have never faced this task before. It’s more effective to let professionals do this job, especially if it involves plumbing work. It would take you less time to get a satisfactory result. Make sure to get permission before dealing with remodeling of your bathroom.


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